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Strategic Performance Improvement

Coded Vision Consulting improves corporate performance through the managed execution of strategy, effective and efficient operational design, and integrated business intelligence.

Underlying the success of every business is a core strategic performance framework that acts as the guiding DNA to the operational functioning and strategic growth of the business. This is what we mean by "coded vision". It is this coded vision that drives cohesive, evidence-based decision making and connects the three primary growth streams of the business:

Strategic Performance Tactical Execution Operational Excellence

  • BI Roadmaps
  • Data Strategy
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Operational Analysis


Corporate performance starts at the top, with development of corporate vision, strategy and objectives. Too often, strategy is planned and not well implmented. Using the most advanced methodologies, Coded Vision facilitates organizations to create usable strategies and implement them at lowest cost and greatest benefits. Read more on strategy development

Tactical Execution

This is where up to 40% of businesses fail - in the execution of their strategy. The critical link between strategic initiatives and tactical performance needs to be sufficiently measured and monitored to allow rapid adjustment to campaigns and products to ensure strategic execution is optimised. This is a pivotal performance point in which Coded Vision helps businesses excel. Read more on performance management.

Operational Excellence

At operational level, Coded Vision can assess existing operational design for both effectiveness [doing the right things] and efficiency [doing things well]. Using proven methodologies, Coded Vision can redefine operational structures and processes, and implement meaningful, usable performance measurement. Read more on operational design.

Marketing & Digital Strategy

Coded Vision sees Marketing as a pivot function in any organisation. It stands at the forefront of the organisation as the first response to the customer. Marketing is often perceived by organisations as the 'high ground' of the organisation, whereas it merely stands at the convergence point of BI & analytics, sales capability, product development, supply chain and customer support. Read more on marketing performance.

For this reason, Coded Vision has a strong focus on assisting tighter integration of all business functions with marketing, to ensure they align with delivering the best capability to the customer.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is the speed of change in the market. This demands that organisations are sufficiently agile to meet those demands. Business intelligence is a 'people-process-technolgy-data' system designed to transform transactional and external data into meaningful information to support rapid decision making and organisational change. With business intelligence tools becoming more advanced, and more affordable, implementing a BI program has become one of the top corporate IT/Business initiatives today. Read more on business intelligence.

Performance Technology & Tools

Underpinning performance management are the business intelligence systems and tools - the reporting, scorecards, dashboards and analytics capability. Coded Vision works with IT partners who specialise in performance enhancing techology to provide a complete solution.

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